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Network: ABC

Synopsis: As anyone who has every tried to control a scandal knows, you do not go towards the light.  Never go towards the light.  You see, going towards the light means heading towards the members of the media and their cameras who are out there to destroy you.  You simply don’t want to do that.  Well, you don’t want to do that until you’ve organized things so that everything is going to work out beautifully for you in the end.  Ask Jobeth Williams, she’s a guest star tonight and trust us, she knows all about the perils and potential of heading towards the light (she’ll also tell you to make sure you not only know where the bodies are buried, but that you move them as well).

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Cast: JoBeth Williams, Joshua Malina, Columbus Short, Darby Stanchfield, Guillermo Diaz, Henry Ian Cusick, Jeff Perry, Katie Lowes, Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn